Thứ Bảy, 22 tháng 6, 2013

USB Memory Stick Recovery

VONGUYEN RECOVERY Data Solutions has a dedicated team of engineers specialising in the recovery of Flash Memory devices. There are many different types of brands and manufacturers of these devices, too many to list, however the different types of media that we are most familiar with are:memorysticks

• USB Pen Drives/Memory Sticks
• CompactFlash I & II
• Sony Memory Stick (all varieties)
• SD Cards (Standard, Mini & Micro)
• XD
• PC Card

USB Memory Stick Recovery

The similarities with these devices are the use of NOR/NAND FLASH memory chips set alongside the controller. This enables us to recover data regardless of who manufactured and labelled the device.

We are one of the leading data recovery companies in the UK dedicated to the recovery of these devices and have unrivalled recovery success rates so no matter what type of failure your Flash Device has suffered from there is over a 90% chance we will recover your valuable data.