Thứ Bảy, 22 tháng 6, 2013

Laptop Data Recovery

All Laptops contain a hard disk drive and have more resistance against mechanical failure than your standard desktop hard drives however due to the way notebooks are used they are more susceptible to physical damage. Laptop drives can also fail in variety of situations, some of which are listed below:

Laptop Data Recovery

• Equipment malfunctions
• Boot process failure
• Static damage
• Water, coffee and other drink spillage
• Impact damage due to being dropped
• Hardware damage
• Password errors
• Vibration damage

VONGUYEN RECOVERY Data Solutions have successfully recovered data from all of the above faults, we do NOT recommend running repair utilities such as Chkdsk, Scandisk or Norton as this can result in further irrepairable damage to your valuable data.
Laptop computing is becoming the most commonly used technology in the market today. More and more demand for cheaper laptops and products has compromised the quality of hardware used to produce laptops including:laptop-300x199
• Dell
• Sony
• Acer
• Lenovo
• Compaq HP
• Fujitsu Siemens
• Panasonic
• Samsung
• Toshiba
VONGUYEN RECOVERY engineers have years of experience working with 2.5” hard disk drives and have an excellent knowledge of the leading manufacturers including

:25inchdisk-300x238• Hitachi
• Seagate
• Toshiba
• Samsung
• Fujitsu
• Western Digital

No matter what the data loss situation
VONGUYEN RECOVERY have the solution for your failed laptop / notebook drives.