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Hard Drive Repair, HardDrive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery is our primary focus. The root of some of the most catastrophic loss of data is a direct result of a physical hard drive crash. Hard drive recovery and repair is a primary focus of our ongoing R&D by our data recovery Engineers.
If you hear clicking or any other strange sounds emitting from your hard drive do NOT try any further recovery attempts. Damage to the platters can occur if the hard drive is continually run in degraded state and at times can make data unrecoverable.
12 Hour Hard Drive Recovery & Server/RAID Recovery Hotline:
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Hard Drive Repair,HardDrive Recovery

We understand how important your data is to you. Every day we strive to improve our abilities to effectively recover data from a mechanically or physically malfunctioning hard drive.
Our Engineers are constantly involved with our research and development team to keep up to date with the most recent changes in hard drive technology. Often our R&D Team has developed new recovery technology even prior to its appearance to the general public.

Hard Drive Disk Repair

We strive to make this stressful time as pleasant as possible for our customers. The moment your drive is received it is logged into our database with your details and assigned a case number. You are then immediately informed that we have received your hard drive and are provided with a case number. You can then track the progress of your recovery as it is updated. One of our Engineers will walk you through your "hard drive repair" every step of the way.

Hard Drive Recovery Costs

We do not charge any diagnostic fees on single hard disk recovery. We know that your drive is not working and will not charge you to tell you what you already know. We do not charge if we do not recover data from your hard drive. price is available table